Think big stay small

Our sole purpose is to create creative content that resonates with your target audience. Be it in the form of videos, images or design- we want to be your storytelling catalysts.

Think big stay small

Our sole purpose is to create creative content that resonates with your target audience. Be it in the form of videos, images or design- we want to be your storytelling catalysts.

We are Tattletale

Tattletale is a small but mighty video production company based in Mumbai with a vision to work with big and small businesses and companies all over the globe. Although creative, we always work in tandem with the clients, with a goal oriented approach to create an end product that catches the eye of their target audience.

Tattletale who?

Tattletale was born out of sheer love of videos, branding and everything storytelling. We count your wins as our wins. We love to keep it professional, but hope you'd want to hang out with us on weekends or text us your creative ideas at 3 in the morning. Even so, we would be thrilled to celebrate your wins with the beverage of your choice.

What do we tattle about?

Brand films, Brand Campaigns, Digital films, Corporate videos, Brand documentaries, Explainer videos, Motion graphics, Internal communication videos, Recruitment videos, Training videos, Start-up videos, Product videos. It's simply this; we excel at creating videos that help you communicate your message. Working on brand design has to solve a bigger problem for any product or service and retain its strong identity in the minds of the consumers. Tattletale works on end to end branding and design solutions from brand nomenclature to product packaging.

Why is Tattletale different?

We are firm believers that when working in a team, there has to be a solution oriented approach that works best for everyone. We're creative alright, but we believe creative communication is based on logical thinking, keen observation, transparent interaction and suggesting what's ideal in view of the agenda set for the brand. It's not about what we like, or what you like for that matter. It's about what's best for the brand, and that's our single minded goal.

We Help

Creative Thinkers

Strategic Go-Getters

Smart Marketers

Entrepreneurial Teams

Passionate Humans

We love answering questions!

  • Why should we hire you?

    We’re not your average video production agency. We’re the quirky crew with a penchant for turning wild ideas into mind-blowing visuals. We’re all about adding a splash of personality to every project. Plus, we’ve got a knack for making the impossible seem, well, possible.

  • Can I hire you if I have a crunched deadline for my video?

    We’re the jet-propelled superheroes of speedy delivery! We’re like the Flash, but with cameras. From script to screen in record time, we’ll zip through the video production process faster than you can say ‘lights, camera, action!’ So whether you’re racing against the clock or just eager to see your vision come to life, buckle up and get ready for a turbocharged journey to video greatness!”

  • Do you have the best video production team at work?

    We don’t just have a video production team – we’ve got the creme de la creme, the cream of the crop, the absolute best in the biz! Our squad is like a finely-tuned machine, but with way more personality and a penchant for popcorn breaks. With creativity flowing through their veins and talent oozing from their fingertips, our team is ready to take your project from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG!’ in no time flat.

  • How much does it cost for a video?

    We have multiple packages depending on the type of requirement. Live videos are charged on a per day production basis along with the scripting and editing cost while animated videos are charged on a per second basis.

  • How do we get started?

    We hop on a video chat/ meeting to understand your video requirements or branding needs once you get in touch with us. Once everything is a green flag for both the parties, we connect you to our creative team (of course after the documentation process) and thus begins a fun ride. Btw, totally worth it!